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Tai chi health benefits

Healthier joints Stress relief Improved strength and endurance Lowers your blood pressure Boosts your immune system Improved balance and coordination

Tai chi teacher Nick Taylor

Hi, I'm Sifu Nick Taylor (the Sifu means I'm a master of tai chi), and you'll be learning tai chi with me.

A sore, stiff, tired body can make even the simplest tasks hard to do – stretching to reach a top shelf at the supermarket, or putting on socks, does this sound familiar?

With tai chi, you’ll gently work every muscle while relaxing your mind and focusing on balance and posture. It’s proven to improve a range of health conditions, and it’s an ancient Chinese martial art with a deep and fascinating legacy. You’ll learn the basics and feel the benefits soon after starting.

The result is you will become more flexible and leave your tai chi class happy and ready to tackle your day. Starting a new exercise may seem daunting. Doing tai chi online might be totally new too. Don’t worry, I can help get you started and ease you into tai chi.

I’ve been teaching tai chi for more than 22 years, so you’ll get an experienced instructor to guide you every step of your tai chi journey. I look forward to teaching you.

What people say


Lisa Giles

I love the online classes as I can do them from home whilst my son is not at school. I have a medical condition....



Marie Mchugh

I was recommended to Nick Taylor for his online tuition. This is only my 6th week and I know this is the correct route to take....



Chris Waters

I've found the new online classes particularly helpful in drilling down into the fine details of focus and movement....



Fion Chow

Too good to be true - shortly after 2 months practice, my hay fever symptoms improved substantially and no more sneezing....



Viv Lygo

I have enjoyed the online classes because I feel more relaxed and not worried about getting it wrong, and can correct as I go.....



Susie Hill

After taking lessons with Nick for twelve months, the improvement in my mobility is noticeable.



Julie Marshall

Although I enjoy the live classes, I have found a new dimension with the online classes...



Terry Shepherd

At the beginning of Lockdown, I joined Nick in his online classes. Nick has a passion for, and a deep knowledge of the Art......



Lynn Ferguson

Having tried one class, I knew it was for me. I liked his teaching style - relaxed, friendly, and fun but always professional.


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