"Nick is a fantastic teacher who teaches to all abilities. He is professional, friendly, kind, and fun. I learn something new in every class. Even the smallest subtleties in body mechanics and relaxation can have a profound shift in experiencing energy. That is inspiring!"

Rowena Taylor


Learn the ancient art of tai chi and qigong in a fresh, modern way from the comfort of your own home.

Transformational classes taught by myself, an experienced master of tai chi. Suitable for all ages and abilities – from absolute beginners to advanced practitioners.

During your 55-minute classes you’ll learn the Chen family style of tai chi, with slow, dynamic movements and silk reeling energy exercises (not sure what that is? don’t worry – I’ll teach you).

Tai chi is NOT a strenuous exercise exclusively for the young and fit. It’s truly a gentle exercise for everyone of all fitness levels with multiple health benefits.

Become part of a tai chi revolution from your living room today. In just a few classes you’ll quickly start to feel the changes and learn the basic moves. You’ll learn at your own pace and gain experience you can keep with you for a lifetime.

Want to learn with a partner? If you have space, 2 can do the class together for no extra charge.


The ancient martial art of tai chi has evolved in the second half of the 20th Century into a widely practiced and recognised form of health exercise training system and self-defence skill.

Qigong concentrates on body postures, movement, breathing, and meditation.

You put these together to learn a meditative movement system that is low impact, helping you to strengthen your body and to relax your mind. Leaving you fitter, happier, and more flexible.

Tai chi has gained a worldwide reputation for providing a wide range of health benefits.

There’s also a spiritual side to tai chi as well which you might find beneficial.

Whatever your reason to come to my class, you’re in safe hands and I look forward to meeting you.


When you join my online tai chi classes. you’ll be taught by me. I’ve been teaching tai chi for a couple of decades now, and it’s a passion I want to share and pass on to you.

You’ll find classes are welcoming and supportive and if you are unsure, have questions, or want to know what I think you need help with, I make sure there’s time to answer your questions to help and support you.

You may be someone looking to try tai chi for the first time.

Maybe you’ve done it before but not for a while. Or perhaps you’re a long-time practitioner looking to replace local classes with an online tai chi class.

If you’re looking to try tai chi with an experienced instructor, you’ve come to the right place.

Join now from just £20 per month, and start your Tai Chi journey in the comfort of your home.

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